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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Just to clear things up

I posted this picture on my blog a few days back. This my friends, is a Christmas picture taken with my new camera.
It is an image of my dining room table decor of 3 sequined, pointy trees of varying sizes along with a wreath of holly berries.  It is sorta zoomed in because I was experimenting.
 Personally, I think it's lovely.

I feel the sudden need to explain this because my  Jesus look a-like Dad, called today. 
  Angel, what's that picture of the red stuff? 
I was a tad bit offended that it wasn't obvious to him that it's three sequined, pointy trees along with a wreath of holly berries, sorta zoomed in.

He said it looked like cat afterbirth. 

So, as not to leave any questions lingering,
(mom cover your eyes here)

You can rest assured this is not on my dining room table.

I'll be looking for a photography class first thing Monday morning.


Anonymous said...

Ang!!! OMG it was great til the cat picture! WOW! thats all i can say! ;)

Anonymous said...

i said, calf, not cat.
good pic of the cat, tho.
sorry i couldn't tell it was a xmas decoration.
you're aunt jeanne nailed it,

Anonymous said...

I would have to say that that was such a "man" response to your picture. Just like if you ask them about a paint color for a chair and they say, "Who cares. The chair isn't going in my house anyway."
Well Angel, I think the picture is lovely!
Maybe one day you can write about how men see the world differently. How we can see a rainbow and they may just notice that it's a little cloudy. It's the details that they usually miss and looking outside the box! LOL Love your blog!