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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Chasing Antelope

This is some serious fun right here.  Don't believe me?  Just try it next time you're in a pasture and a herd of antelope come to graze.

Jason saw the antelope coming under the fence.  I couldn't even see them they were so far away.  He has an eye for stuff like that.

He decided to get me closer so I could get a better look.

Their flight instinct kicked in. With hearts pounding and accelerated breathing, they took off.

And we decided to pursue.

Oh it was fun!  Bouncing across the pasture on the tails of the antelope.  Thirty miles per hour.

They zigged.
We zigged.

They zagged.
We tried to zag.
Antelope are much more agile than Chevys.

Their feet pounded the ground.  Dust clouds billowed.  I felt like a lion on the savannah.  I pity the slowest prey, the last one.  The one you know is about to be pounced and feasted upon.  Its guts strung out over the prairie grasses.
I think I've watched too much National Geographic in my life.

We followed them for just a short while, giggling the whole time.

Then we stopped.
But not them.  They were getting the heck out of dodge, away from those crazy antelope chasers.

Off into the wide, blue yonder,
safe and sound.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i coked an antlelope roast, out in pampa, once.
that thing was so tough, you couldn't chew it.
i did something wrong. got my fire too hot.
didn't cook the roast long enough.
there's was some little something i didn't do.
rick archer, cooked one at the same time.
said it was delicious, but, hell, rick was half cave man. any thing was good to him. dad