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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Serenity Now!

My life is hectic lately. 

And I don't like it.

I like peace and serenity.

I go visit the cows.

Aw, serenity.

The soft moos.

The whisper of the breeze through the bluestem grass.

The sweet suckling at the teet.

 The pictures of nature.


Deep breaths.

Calmness in my soul.

Until Jason cusses.

See all these black ones?  And that charolais?  (pronounced shar-lay; that would be the white one)

See how they aren't red?

They don't belong here. They belong to the neighbor. They've busted through the fence. They think the grass is greener here.

It's not.

It's dead here too.

That creates more work for Jason.

That makes him mad.

All the cows in this pasture should be red. 

Like this pair:  a momma and her baby.

But this pair?  There's something in the woodpile here.

This one has a booger.  It happens.  One of my second grade students needed two kleenexes, and announced "I have a lot of boogers."  It just happens.

It's still cute.

Serenity again.

 And then.....

these two.

They face off.

They go head to head,

 and toe to toe.

They kick up some dirt.

And some more.

ENOUGH!!!!  I scream.  Q---U--I---E---T!!!!! 

Aw, serenity.

Then we just lie in the pasture, and enjoy the day.

It doesn't get much better than this.

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