Rocket Surgeon: A person with less-than-stellar aptitude. A mixture of "rocket scientist" and "brain surgeon" This phrase describes a person who is neither.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

1:00 in the morning, my eyes pop open. The polls have opened for my children's book competition. Yes folks, the day you have all been anxiously awaiting has finally arrived. This does sound like you, doesn't it?? I jumped out of bed to check and double check to see if I could vote. It looks like a successful attempt. (or 2 or 3) I put in all my email addresses. Please spread the word to your blog and all who read it to go to www. and vote for Doggie Went A-Courtin' by Angel Wheeler. And you (imagine me pointing at you like Uncle Sam here) I NEED YOU! So, do it everyday (on my knees begging here) I will dance at your wedding!!

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