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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Children's Book competition

Today I did a big thing! I took one more step towards my dream of authorship and submitted two manuscripts for a competition. I'm really excited and I'm using positive visualization and seeing myself becoming a finalist. I was really on the fence about this because it carried entry fees. I think to myself that millions of people get books published without paying any money. But then I thought about competitions. There is normally a entry fee for any competition. My niece Ashlynn is competing this weekend in a basketball contest and had to pay $4 herself. So, I bit the bullet and paid the fees. After I become a finalist (positive self talk) I have to hit the internet campaigning for votes. The winner will be chosen by votes on the internet. I can just see it, my name on a book! Wish me luck.

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Angel said...

Found out today that I have been chosen as a finalist. There are 12 of us. My head is spinning.