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Monday, March 15, 2010

Rain + Dirt = One Ill-Tempered Cowboy

Today is the official first start day of my Spring Break. 

The weather is crazy!

To borrow a line from a facebook friend:  It's like snowballs from heaven.

It began raining about 3:00 a.m.  I know that because I was awake.  I was awake because I couldn't sleep.  I couldn't sleep because I can't walk.  I can't walk because I need two knee transplants.  I need two knee transplants because I ran 10 miles yesterday.  I ran 10 miles yesterday because I signed up for a half marathon.  I signed up for a half marathon because I destroyed way too many brain cells when I was a teenager.  I mean, OBVIOUSLY!!

Anyway, it rained most of the morning, then these ginormous snowflakes began to fall.  They were gorgeous actually.  Fluffy, wet, and the size of quarters. 

Today was the kind of day to curl up, wear fuzzy socks, sip coffee, and watch movies while listening to the rain pitter patter against the window panes. 

Unless you're married to a cowboy.
Then you have to work.

I went out with Jason today to put out hay.

Fun stuff,
if you like mud.

But as my dad would say, Cows gotta eat too.
They were waiting for us at the gate.  A little wet. 

A lot muddy.

Jason was grumpy.
Me:   "It's not that bad."
Him:  "You're sitting in the truck!"
Me:  "Well I'd be out there too if I had artificial knees, and if I didn't have flip flops on!" 
(The previous comment is the result of lack of brain cells)

Jason pulls in with a big round bale of hay.

And they surround the pickup like savages.

Hungry savages.

Like this one.  See how savage his long eyelashes are?  He's cold.  I want to rub him down with a towel.

 As soon as Jason puts down the hay bale, they run to it and snag a bite.

Until they notice we're leaving, then they're all like, "Wait, don't leave us! 

We want to drink coffee and wear fuzzy socks!"
Sorry, suckers. 

And we gun it. 


Anonymous said...

This is just a great blog. I love those cows, too!


Anonymous said...

Wow ang! you should see what we put out hay bales with! not that kinda rig! I will have to take pictures for u sometime! ;) LOVE IT!