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Saturday, June 6, 2009

The List---A work in Progress

  1. own land in the country

  2. have at least one library shelf full of my published books

  3. visit new york with jolea and my nieces at christmas

  4. own chickens, goats, cows, ducks, and barn cats

  5. sit on the side of the road and sell home grown veggies

  6. drive a classic pickup

  7. learn to ride a horse

  8. paint pictures that someone would hang in their house

  9. do missionary work in africa

  10. spend time in anacortes, washington

  11. swim with dolphins

  12. watch ashlynn graduate from college

  13. teach an exercise class

  14. make money off the stock market

  15. learn to cook

  16. bake delicious homemade bread

  17. have a flowerbed that is deserving of a picture in better homes and gardens

  18. be my own boss and make money doing it

  19. go to a mudbog

  20. snorkel

  21. go sailing and wear nautical looking clothes

  22. camp in palo duro canyon

  23. go to australia with jason

  24. play guitar

  25. dance barefoot in a dancehall on a wooden floor

  26. make friends with an elderly person

  27. go skinny dipping

  28. have my picture made western style and look like a floozie

  29. ride horses in montana

  30. learn from the amish

  31. beat stan at dominoes

  32. eat crawfish in louisiana

  33. go to the horseraces

  34. rv in every state in the united states

  35. carve my initials on a tree with my true love

  36. ice skate

  37. play piano for an audience

  38. enjoy drinking beer

  39. weave a basket or rug with a real indian woman
  40. go to luckenbach texas

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