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Monday, December 20, 2010

Take Time to Laugh

I got an email from a reader (who happens to be a relative) the other day who said he likes my blog and all, but notices how the number of comments I receive are pathetically low.  So he was curious if I knew how many people visit my blog.  And actually I do.  The short answer is hardly any.  If I advertise my post on facebook, I'll get around 35 people come over and have a look-see.  Otherwise, on average I have 10 little ole visits each day.  But I am thrilled to have those 10 people, all of which I'm sure are related to me. 
The reason I know this is not because I'm telepathic, but because I have a little counter on my site.  It tells me very little, but it will tell me how many people visited, how long they stayed, and sometimes I know from whence they cometh. 

I also know if a person googled something on the internet which led them to my writings. 

So far no one has ever searched for how to flank a calf, because if they had they would be in luck here.  Nor are people searching for how to recover after witnessing a violent murder.  If so, they would find that here.  And to date, no one cares about what they can learn from geese or how I must be Lizzie Borden reincarnated.

But!  Do not despair.  Because the number one search request that leads people  to my rantings is Jesus laughing.  People want to see an image of Jesus laughing.  And it just so happens that I have a picture of Jesus laughing.  My dad must've snapped it when they were wearing plastic ponchos and visiting Niagra Falls.  And since it is the most requested, I thought I'd repost it.

And because who wants to miss Jesus laughing?

This is my favorite picture of my dad.

He's at Niagra Falls.

Reasons I love this picture:

1. It looks like he's having the time of his life.

2.   It reminds me of this picture.

Doesn't Jesus look like he's at Niagra Falls too?
I can just imagine them sitting across from each other and having the best laugh.


Anonymous said...

i love this pic of my big brother! love it love it love it!

Lara said...

Both of the pictures put a smile on my face.

Kevin said...

Unrelated to Jesus laughing, your blog is actually on my iGoogle page, which is my Firefox homepage. The top right box is dedicated to your blog, and it shows me when you have a new post even before the email notifications go out. It's pretty nifty. :)

Anonymous said...

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